Film Theology

Welcome to Film Theology, a ministry of Richfield United Methodist Church.

Film Theology
First Wednesdays
Richfield UMC
5835 Lyndale Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55419
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2023-2024 Season:
October 4, 2023
November 1, 2023
December 6, 2023
January 3, 2024
February 7, 2024
March 6, 2024
April 3, 2024
May 1, 2024
June 5, 2024

Filim Theology is a fun drop-in opportunity for neighbors to gather and discuss the latest movies and their themes over a bowl of fresh popcorn. Or, you can join the discussion from home by Zoom.

Moviegoers of all generations come together for a low-key welcoming place to get to know each other, consider ethical and spiritual themes, and just plain enjoy good movies.

Film Theology is organized by Pastor Nate.

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What are the Film Theology rules?
1. Listen first. 2. Respect each person. 3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. 4. Film Theology does not endorse or condemn any single theological perspective nor any single movie as “best picture.” 5. Be polite, clean up your mess.

What happens if no one shows up?
If no participants have arrived by 6:15pm, the convener will cancel the event. RSVPs aren’t necessary but are appreciated. You can send one to Pastor Nate, if you like.

Can I bring my own food or beverages to campus?
Popcorn is provided, and feel free to bring dinner. Alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed on campus. Go to Pub Theology instead.

2023-2024 Season Movie Lineup:

Film Theology: October 4
Release Date: July 21
Watch the trailer
MPA: Rated R for some sexuality, nudity and language.

Killers of the Flower Moon
Film Theology: November 1
Release Date: October 20
Watch the trailer
MPA: Rated R for violence, some grisly images, and language.

Film Theology: December 6
Release Date: November 22
Watch the trailer
MPA: Rated R for strong violence, some grisly images, sexual content and brief language.

Film Theology: January 3
Release Date: December 22
Watch the trailer
MPA: Rated PG for action/peril and mild rude humor.

What is The United Methodist Church’s position on going to the movies?
The United Methodist Church has no official position on movies and related media. However, it’s fair to say we want creative people, media businesses, and audiences to be smart and informed about their choices regarding what media to make, distribute, and watch. From the Social Principles section of our UM Book of Discipline:
We express disdain of dehumanizing portrayals, sensationalized through mass media “entertainment” and “news.” These practices degrade humankind and violate the teachings of Christ and the Bible… We reject the implicit message that conflicts can be resolved and just peace can be established by violence. Within the bounds of the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, the media are responsible for respecting human rights. In support of these matters, we work together with all people of good will.