Thrift Store

God’s Hands Thrifts Store: The Great Giveaway!
Saturday, October 3 at 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Open to the public, all pre-pandemic stock will be given away for free, one-day only!
Clothes, shoes, games, toys, knickknacks, and more!

God’s Hands Thrift Store has been closed since pandemic concerns came to Minnesota in March, 2020. As a church, we are prayerfully listening to God for the future of the ministry. Whatever is next for God’s Hands Thrift Store, we know we want a fresh start, and the Great Giveaway is an opportunity to practice extravagant generosity with our neighbors. All are invited to come and take items that will enhance the lives of you and your loved ones.

The original idea to open a thrift store stems from a need to “put faith into action,” a key part of being a United Methodist. To show love and care to all through our faith, we enact the teachings of Jesus as described in his story in Matthew 25:31-46 to feed the hungry and thirsty, welcome the stranger, and clothing the naked. God’s Hands Thrift Store became a way for the community could shop for a nominal fee (25 cents) per item, with a sense of dignity as opposed to a “hand out.” The store was also a means to help people recycle or reuse quality items from their homes to help them avoid the land fill. 

God’s Hands Thrift Store opened in January, 2005. To this day, nearly every item at God’s Hands Thrift Store is just a quarter apiece. All proceeds go toward outreach and missional partnerships such as those focused on ending hunger and poverty. This fall, we will pray and listen to God as a church for what is the future of this ministry.