In-person Sunday morning worship and activities are suspended. Please do NOT come to campus on Sunday, thank you.

Welcome to worship with Richfield United Methodist Church. We know it’s a big step to get up on a Sunday morning and go to a new church for the first time, thank you for coming to see and we hope you have a good experience. Here is information on both weekly worship services. Read on for details on worship styles and locations, communion, music, options for families with children, and accessibility for both 9:00am Traditional Worship and 11:00am Living Waters.  

(In-Person Worship Suspended)
9:00am Traditional Worship

Featuring Organ, Chancel Choir and Chancel Bells:

Traditional in style and progressive in theology, the Traditional Worship service in the sanctuary features inspiring preaching, moving organ and choir music, uplifting liturgy and prayers, a variety of hymns (traditional and contemporary), and special music from the choir and a variety of special guests. Sit wherever you like in the stain glass-highlighted sanctuary, a beautiful setting for moving worship.

About the Music: 

Hymns and special music thematically match the current worship series. Nancy Dierauer plays the beautiful, newly-renovated pipe organ and her prelude (music before worship) and postlude (music after worship) are a weekly highlight. Paige Armstrong directs the Chancel Choir with passion, and there’s also Chancel Bell Choir, Children’s Choir, and many guest musicians such as the Groth Music Scholarship recipients.

(In-Person Worship Suspended)
11:00am Living Waters Worship

Featuring the Living Waters worship band:

An informal atmosphere, an eclectic blend of secular and spiritual music, and a late-morning time makes Living Waters a unique experience in the neighborhood. Worshipers sit at round tables to connect with each other and there’s a time of community prayer, preaching, and plenty of singing together. This is an intimate gathering in a non-traditional worshipping space. Choose a table of new and old friends.

About the Music:

Music matches the themes of the day in a mix of traditional hymns, modern and contemporary Christian songs, and a wide variety of secular songs of the past and today. The Living Waters worship band is directed by Victor Zupanc, the Resident Music Director and Composer at the Tony Award-winning CTC Children’s Theater of Minneapolis. It’s a real blessing to sing and clap along with the songs new to you and the songs you love.


Senior Pastor Nate Melcher is known for crafting sermons with humor and depth. His preaching weaves closely to a scripture text and features illustrations that appeal across generations. Pastor Nate preaches thematically-linked worship series at typically 4-7 weeks each (catch up on the latest series with sermon podcasts). The current series is inspired by the Acts of the Apostles. 

In every worship service, the sermon offers a mix of pastoral care in the midst of challenge, prophetic vision for a justice-filled world, and a call to action. Pastor Nate preaches the same sermon at both worship services, as does Rev. Hope and all guest preachers.

Stream or download from Soundcloud or your favorite podcast app today.


9:30am – 1st Sundays of the Month (online only)

9:00am – 1st Sundays of the Month (suspended)
11:00am – 
1st Sundays of the Month (suspended)

In the United Methodist Church, we practice open communion. That is to say, we place no barrier between you and the Lord’s Table. All who are seeking the grace of Jesus are welcome. The elements are served through “intinction.” Each person is given a piece of bread which they dip into the communal cup and they then receive the elements together. A gluten-free option is available. If you need assistance, please notify an usher.

About Online Communion

Bishop Bruce R. Ough has granted special dispensation to clergy appointed in the Minnesota Annual Conference to oversee the sacrament of Holy Communion through online communication.  In these unprecedented times when entire churches are “unwillingly absent,” we are grateful for the opportunity to “gather” and remember the body and blood of Jesus together. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Nate.

To participate, please use your own elements and Pastor Nate will consecrate them in online worship. In these times when not every person can find every grocery item in stock please remember: it does not have to be fancy, artisan bread nor the purest grape juice around. The elements you bring to the table may be simple. Bring what you can find to the table.


Song lyrics and liturgy spoken by the people are projected on a large screen to be seen from anywhere in the Sanctuary, from front row to balcony, and the Fellowship Hall. Pastor Nate’s sermon manuscripts are available in print the Sunday they’re preached. Hearing assistance devices, large-print bulletins, and large-print hymnals are available from the Usher Team (9:00am). 

For Traditional Worship, you may enter the Sanctuary by the stairwell (8 stairs) or wheelchair-accessible ramp. For Living Waters worship, Fellowship Hall is on the ground level.

Children and Worship

Your family is always welcome in worship! Here are some options to help your family have a good experience:

Children and Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary:

There are several options for families with children during this worship service:

  • Art Cart | Older children can fill a bag with items in The Nook to bring with them to worship.
  • 1st Sundays of the Month | Children and adults lead worship side-by-side together. Children lead the liturgy and prayers, read the scripture text, and serve Holy Communion, and the Children’s Choir sings special music. There is no Sunday School on Children First Sundays. Nursery Care is still available.
  • The Nook | A Space connected to the Sanctuary, perfect for having a quiet moment.
  • Sacred Ground | A space near the pulpit for younger children to worship the way that young children do and parents/guardians sit in the surrounding pews.
  • Time with Children | Children of all ages are welcome to come to the chancel steps to experience a message just for them. Parents are welcome to join their children.
  • Sunday School | Following the Time with Children, children are welcome to remain for worship or go to Sunday School.
  • Nursery Care | Children are always welcome, and nursery care is offered in the Caring for Children area for children 6 weeks–3 years old.
  • Nursing Mothers | You may nurse wherever you like. There is also a reserved Nursing Room available near the Library area.

Children and Living Waters in the Fellowship Hall:

Children are always welcome. While there is no Sunday School during this service, the Art Cart is brought to the Fellowship Hall and there is an exclusive collection of toys, books, and activities for children, as well as a wide open space for them to get the wiggles out.