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Church is a People | 09.12.2021-10.10.2021
Overture | 10.17.2021-11.21.2021
Nativity Now | 11.28.2021-12.26.2021
First Thing First | 01.02.2022-01.30.2022
Legacy | 02.06.2022-02.27.2022
Unafraid | 03.06.2022-04.17.2022
X Marks the Spot | 04.24.2022-05.29.2022
So Many Questions | Summer 2022
Summer at the Movies | Summer 2022
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FIRST THING FIRST (Epiphany) | January 2022

Three Simple Rules and You
First Thing First 4 of 4
Rev. Nate Melcher
1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Stay in Love with God
First Thing First 3 of 4
Rev. Nate Melcher
1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Do Good
First Thing First 2 of 4
Rev. Nate Melcher
1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Do No Harm
First Thing First 1 of 4
Rev. Nate Melcher
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

Can We Have a New New Year?
Enter 2022 with Hope!
Bishop David Bard
Jeremiah 37:1-14, John 1:1-18


Need a place to start? This small handful of sermons was selected by the clergy team based on feedback they’re received from worshippers and church members about what activated their faith, gave them something new to think about, or otherwise nourished their soul and connected them with God. 

Has pandemic changed church forever?
So Many Question! II 8 of 9
Rev. Nate Melcher
Matthew 25:14-30

Why aren’t there dinosaurs in the Bible?
So Many Questions 7/9
John 21:15-25
Rev. Hope Hutchison & Rev. Nate Melcher

What We Expect & What We Find
Origin and Onward 3/7
Rev. Nate Melcher
John 1:43-51
01.17.2021 (Selected by Sojourners)

What is responsibility?
Summer at the Movies 5/5
Luke 10:25-37
Rev. Nate Melcher


Memey Christmas
Christmas Eve
Rev. Nate Melcher
Nativity Story

What gets us together?
Summer at the Movies 3/5
Luke 15:11-32
Rev. Hope Hutchison

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Senior Pastor Nate Melcher is known for crafting sermons with humor and depth. His preaching weaves closely to a scripture text and features illustrations that appeal across generations. He combines his M.Div theology degree with his MFA in Creative Writing and BA in Film Studies, as well as his training in improv comedy, to deliver sermons intended to be relatable, meaningful, and actionable. 

Pastor Nate preaches thematically-linked worship series at typically 4-7 weeks each (catch up on the latest series with sermon podcasts). In every worship service, the sermon offers a mix of pastoral care in the midst of challenge, prophetic vision for a justice-filled world, and a call to action.